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Our culture

Our culture

We’ve had a very successful 16 years at Nature. Today, we work with some of Australia’s most impressive businesses. The satisfaction that comes from helping to answer important questions for these organisations is fundamental to our culture.

We also make a point of staying true to the values that built our business and our reputation – the “start up” mentality that makes businesses so much more enjoyable and satisfying to work in.

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So, what does that mean if you work at Nature?

In a word, it means empowerment – which comes with responsibility.

If you have an idea for one of our clients (or for our business), we encourage you to pursue it. We’ll back you. We try our best to replicate the energy of a new business – our business – when we were starting out, because it creates huge dividends for everyone involved. In structured ways, we revisit the start up culture that was responsible for our early successes. How did it feel? How can we use that spark to inform our approach to today’s challenges?

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Alongside our vibrant culture, our team has access to great perks such as:
  • A progressive workplace flexibility policy
  • A best-in-class parental leave policy
  • Bespoke group and individual professional development
  • 22 days of annual leave as standard plus leave accrual that builds with tenure
  • Free personal training
  • Great team events
  • Awesome prizes for new projects won.

...and no timesheets!

Nature is a non-hierarchical organisation. Ideas are judged on their merit, not on where they came from.

A more diverse pool of thought is a more powerful pool of thought, so our clients benefit – and our people benefit too – from an approach to work that gives everyone a voice.

In a word, it’s about freedom, both intellectual and vocational. We’ll (naturally) be expecting to hear your ideas as they relate to our clients’ challenges, and how you’d like to see your career progress.

We encourage our people to take ownership of their career journey. To that end, all our people benefit from the individual development plans and hand-picked L&D activities to drive their growth, as well as Nature-funded bespoke development and training.

On top of that, we have a regular stream of in-house and external speakers and thought leadership sharing sessions to fuel your growth and development journey, not to mention the critical role that 1:1 coaching and mentoring will play in your development.


Unlesh your potential and make a real impact with our career-building student programs .

Starting your career can be overwhelming. Our internships are designed to help you develop the skills and experience you need to succeed.

Learn more about our internship program
Our funky Cremorne and North Sydney offices offer full of state-of-the-art facilities and break out spaces. There are informal and formal social events geared at bringing people together.
We’re assembling the best and most diverse consulting team in Australia.
You can read more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion here.

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