Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Nature is in the business of informing tomorrow to help our clients solve complex questions. Part of that means being aware of our own impact on tomorrow.

We are determined to ensure that this impact is positive for our people, our community, and our environment.

We’re using business as a force for good.
Our goal is to operate in a socially responsible way by giving equal consideration to people, planet and profit.
Measuring our impact.

To remain accountable to our commitment to tomorrow, we use the B Corp framework. This recognition involves a rigorous certification process that assesses an organisation's commitment to people and planet.  

Nature received B Corp certification in August 2022. We are now proud to be part of a global community of over 5,000 companies that are using the power of business for positive social and environmental change.

What is a B Corp?

How to get B Corp Certification?

To receive B Corp certification, companies must complete the B Impact Assessment, which measures a company’s performance on environment, community, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. Nature’s B Impact Assessment Score is 92. This is above the threshold score of 80 required to meet B Corp’s certification standards, and well above the median score of 50.9 for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment.

B Corp Highlights.

Browse some of the changes we've made on our certification journey.
End-to-end capability
People first
Committed to more than just our work
  • Our Parental Leave Policy is one of the most progressive in the Australian services industry, offering six months paid parental leave.
  • Our Public Holiday Swap-Out Policy, launched in January 2022, allows public holidays to be swapped out for preferred days based on individually recognised holidays.
  • Our Flexibility Policy adapts around our team’s preferences while being geared towards ensuring there is energy in the office for the benefit of those at a critical part of their learning journey.
  • In 2022 we launched Nurture, our bespoke Learning and Development Platform, which is tailored to the individual level. Each person can pick and choose modules based on where they are in their growth journey, and learn at their own pace.
  • Our Indigenous Affairs Committee works on raising the awareness and understanding of our team on the lived experience of First Nations peoples, so we can individually and collectively better act as catalysts for change.
  • We offer our people one day off a year to give to a charitable cause.
  • We also partner with multiple community organisations, including The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, to help young indigenous children learn basic reading and math skills; St Kilda Mums, to help provide essential items for women in need; and domestic violence charity Safe Steps, where we have raised money by participating in Run Melbourne over the last three years.
  • In 2021 we moved our Melbourne team into a larger, more eco-friendly and accessible office.
  • We have implemented processes that monitor and optimise energy, resource and water ​usage in our office space.
  • We take care to source our office suppliers responsibly.
Nature has always had a really strong and coherent culture, but over our B Corp journey it has become even stronger. The certification process has encouraged us to be more people-focussed than ever before.
Learn more about our people-first approach.

This is just the beginning. 

We’re so proud of how far we’ve come, but it doesn’t end here. There’s still work to be done and we look forward to sharing the rest of our B Corp journey with you.