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Adrian Compton-Cook


Adrian is an experienced researcher who has a passion for digging under the skin of what makes people tick. Uncovering the reasons behind consumer decisions and behaviour, and what this means in a business context, is the key thing that drives him as a researcher.

This interest has spanned many industry sectors, but his particular expertise sits within financial services, transport and education. This often requires uncovering what is at the core of behaviour in categories that people tend to want to spend as little time as possible thinking about!

With most consumers not able to provide the answers directly, this often means that Choice Modelling is a good way to get answers, which is an area that Adrian has significant expertise in.

Segmentation studies is another area that effectively uncovers different strands of consumer behaviour, in which Adrian also has substantial experience across a wide range of categories and products.

  • Doesn’t mind getting cold and wet if the view at the top is worth it
  • Is venerated by his colleagues for his longevity
  • Accumulates photoshopped self-images without even trying
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: Geography and random facts about lots of weird things