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Alex Fulton

Senior Consultant

Alex spent the first 8 years of her career in academic research working in number of top Australian universities, focussing mainly on health, social, and Autism research. Alex then transitioned to market research, finding herself to be an innately curious and passionate researcher.

She has a keen interest in all aspects of research and strategy, and is focussed on ensuring consumer voices are heard, and never at the expense of marketing mumbo jumbo.

Now with over 10 years research experience, she loves nothing more than combining the qualitative and quantitative aspects of data to create a beautiful and compelling story for her clients. With a wealth of experience in some of Australia’s largest FMCG brands, Alex has expertise in branding, concept and pack testing, innovation and NPD, co-creation, and brand health. Alex’s strength is being genuinely interested in her clients’ stories and having a nerd-like fascination when diving into whatever world the data is calling from.

  • Does an excellent Scottish accent, and just might be the uncredited Scottish voice for Google maps. Also does an excellent version of the Queen saying “One” and “Phillip”.
  • Has an encyclopaedic knowledge of The West Wing, having watched all 7 seasons every year since 2008.
  • Enjoys karaoke with a sort of reckless abandon that is unbecoming for a woman of my age.
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: A broad range of ridiculous and seemingly useless facts that seem to pop up right at the time you need them. Also, movies.