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Alex Galvano

Associate Director

Having spent the vast majority of his youth moving around Europe, and constantly finding himself in new confusing environments, Alex quickly learned three important things: observe, ask questions, and the food is always better in Italy.

Unsurprisingly, two of those three skills have served him very well in his near decade-long career in Research here in Australia (and he still stands by the third, although India puts up a darn good fight).

Alex is a keen quantitative researcher with extensive experience across a wide range of approaches (brand tracking, U+A, segmentation, and then more brand tracking, etc) and categories such as online services, utilities, financial and healthcare industries. He loves telling a good story through numbers, and getting to the root of clients’ questions, especially if it’s done through beautiful report design. He is secretly (not really, he tells everyone) passionate about that too.

Before falling prey to the beguiling siren’s call of market research, Alex spent over a decade across the partition, in marketing (has a shiny Masters Degree to prove it) and working for blue chips such as Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft back in Spain.

  • If you have half an hour to kill, ask him where he’s from, but don’t bother if you actually want an answer… he has no idea.
  • Spends as much time as possible playing guitar, writing, and recording loud, ugly music. His mum thinks he’s very talented and is doing a fab job.
  • Does not need to be asked twice (or even once) to hike up any mountain halfway around the world.
  • Loves cycling as much as a man who doesn’t own any lycra can or should.
  • Specialist quiz subject:  good with the ol’ “what does this word mean?” but will absolutely crush an 80s-90s rock, metal, punk, hardcore question (and gurn unnecessarily as he does it).