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Kalise Chapman

Office Manager

Kalise is on parental leave until late 2024.

Originally studying Fashion Design, Kalise quickly realised she wasn’t interested in following in her family’s footsteps and pivoted to a degree in Public Relations and Events Management.

As a natural communicator (née lover of talking) Kalise developed an interest in workplace culture and inevitably gravitated toward a role within the HR realm, focusing on developing better workplace efficiencies and specialising in processes to improve business productivity and office culture.

As the Office Manager, Kalise brings over 8 years of operational and administrative experience and plays a key role in the day-to-day running of the Nature office. You’ll find her organising training sessions, building flat-pack furniture, onboarding new hires, and responding to any (and every) strange request in between.

  • Having lived in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canada (and back to Melbourne again) within the last 13 years, Kalise is a self-proclaimed professional packer, and can expertly condense her life into 2 suitcases
  • Constantly ignores people’s suggestions on which new T.V. show to watch and instead chooses to watch Friends for the 2130th time (this is not an exaggeration)
  • Has a knack for spotting celebrities ‘in the wild’ and seriously missed her calling as a paparazzo

Specialty quiz topic: Naturally, anything related to the only T.V. show she watches, Friends. Also, not bad on celeb gossip.

Kalise is currently on parental leave, returning late 2024.