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Liam Cooke

Associate Director

With a degree focused on public administration, Liam started his professional career in the NFP sector before gravitating towards research driven by a keen interest to understand how attitudes and perceptions influence people’s behaviour.

He now specialises in quantitative methodologies, especially segmentations, U&As, tracking and concept testing. Alongside this, Liam also has experience in blending additional data sources including scan and shopper data to create holistic data-driven insights that influence decision making.

His experience covers primarily FMCG, healthcare, telecommunications and local government but he is always open to broadening his exposure to other sectors.

  • Started learning bass guitar and although I’m a) not very good and b) don’t practice enough to become good, I still harbour dreams of someday being very good
  • Love watching and playing football and spend too many early mornings/late nights watching the Premier League
  • My ideal holiday would be a combination of scuba diving, live music, a bit of adventure and great food & drink.

Speciality Quiz Topic: Music (preferably 90’s/00’s) as I’m starting to lose touch with modern pop music