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'Manda Le

Senior Consultant

'Manda fell into the world of research "by accident", taking on a CATI call centre role halfway through completing her Music Business degree.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and while life in the entertainment industry didn't eventuate, a career in insights did, fuelled by her unending curiosity about what makes people tick.

Over the course of 15+ years, 'Manda has honed her predominantly quantitative skills with clients spanning a broad range of sectors, but with a particular focus on FMCG - especially food and beverage, a world she lives and breathes. This interest has also taken 'Manda to the other side of the fence, with time spent in the insights team at Asahi Lifestyle Beverages before an eventual agency-side return to Nature.

Though brand health, comms testing, and foundational U&A studies are her bread and butter, 'Manda also has experience with (and greatly enjoys!) market segmentation, NPD exploration, and sensory work.

  • Recently becoming the World’s Coolest Aunt, she adores spending time with her sister and little nibling Henry
  • Is a tragic cat lady/catmum to Butters (named after his South Park namesake) and Coco (named after her favourite redhead, Conan O’ Brien)
  • On weekends you’re likely to find her at a punk/metalcore/hardcore show (places like Stay Gold, Northcote Social Club, 170 Russell, and the Corner Hotel are her homes away from home)
  • She’s about to hit a 700 day streak in Spanish on Duolingo, and aims to one day walk the Camino del Norte with her terrible habilidades de español
  • Is a fierce proponent of small/local craft beer, wine, and spirits producers, and is more than happy to talk your ear o… I mean, recommend you some of her favourites


Specialty quiz topic: The dream – late 90’s emo & punk / hop varieties commonly used in West Coast IPAs. The reality – blanking on answers to all of her topics of interest and instead chiming in at odd times on the most random geography/nature-based/linguistic questions