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Mavis Zhang


After dabbling in accounting, Mavis decided to pursue a different career path into market research on completion of her masters degree.

Mavis has an avid interest in resolving complicated business problems and is passionate about the unknown in life. She is inquisitive, always keen to explore the depth in her areas of interest.

She is also driven to find the devil in data to unveil hidden insights. Her strong analytical and logical thinking also brings her fresh perspectives to see things.

Mavis works across a range of sectors, including Energy, Local Government, Financial Services and Superannuation. She brings value to her accounts with her expertise in CX and all-rounded client service.

  • A lover of nature (isn’t it so interesting that she joins ‘Nature’?), Mavis is fond of bushwalks  is committed to monthly hiking with her hiking buddies. She also has an adventurous spirit and does not mind being challenged with the most difficult tracks.
  • She is fascinated with arts, wood crafts, antiques and those little quirky things, and still holds her childhood interest in drawing and calligraphy
  • Oddly, she fell in love with the ancient sport, archery. As an archery beginner, she loves to carry her bow and practice shooting on a sunny day.


Specialty Quiz Topic: Sometimes has good intuition on random topics