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Scott Watson


Scott joins Nature from London where he has gathered around 15 years of experience both in academia and the commercial world, with his most recent background firmly planted in understanding customer experience and brand perception.

As a marketing scientist, he marries a strong technical background (multivariate statistics, choice models, segmentation) with a wider commercial acumen, and the understanding that research needs to be insightful rather than just informational.

Before Nature Scott headed up the UK advanced analytics division at Hall & Partners and has worked with a broad range of clients across diverse categories including auto, FMCG, entertainment, sport, apparel, utilities, and finance.

With a BSc in Psychology, a MSc in Research Methods, and five years as a lecturer under his belt, Scott is committed to life-long learning and development (for himself and others) and has run a number of MRS workshops.

Scott has many extra-curricular hobbies and interests – none of which he’s really any good at:


  • Photography: All the gear, with no idea
  • DIY / home improvement: Just don’t ask how his last renovation project went
  • Indie / rock music: Can’t play or sing a note
  • Motor racing: Only claim to fame is driving the Nürburgring in a Nissan Leaf
  • Modern board games: That he never seems to win


Speciality Quiz Topic: Beat the intro / Finish the lyric