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Stefani Amancio


Stefani’s interest in research started at university, where she took electives in market research in the hopes of becoming a better-rounded marketer. After 1.5 years working cross functionally and in marketing for a pharmaceutical company, she began her journey as a market researcher in 2019.

Since then, Stefani has worked across qual and quant on several major consumer healthcare brands.

Stefani’s marketing background, in combination with her experience working client side, have instilled in her a keen interest in the role of market research on brand strategy and overall business performance.

Having also worked in sales, trade and brand marketing, she brings with her an insight into how clients use research data, and an ‘in-house’ understanding of their business needs. Her research experience spans brand and comms tracking, end-to-end NPD development, comms and concept testing, as well as ad hoc brand studies.

Bubbly and extroverted, Stefani is a natural collaborator and prides herself on her ability to harness meaningful relationships both inside and outside of work. She is also a believer that teamwork always makes the dream work.

  • When she isn’t cooking, baking or out for a long run, you can find Stefani enjoying her favorite, if slightly morbid pastime: true crime! Be it watching the latest true crime documentary, reading a true crime book, listening to My Favorite Murder or injecting ~not so fun~ fun true crime facts into conversations!
  • Truly passionate about cooking, eating, feeding others and all food matters. A self-proclaimed breakfast fiend, she is guaranteed to always want to know what you had for breakfast.
  • That person who used to say they hated running, but now calls running ‘therapeutic’ and posts Strava screenshots and motivational quotes on social media
  • Loves to read and is always open to book recommendations


Specialty Quiz Topic: Proficient in Forensic Files (very niche), literature, sometimes music and anything true crime. Yet to prove actual proficiency in the above.