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Tony Truong

Senior Consultant

Tony’s perpetual curiosity with people and making sense of the world around him started when he was a young nosey kid sitting on the corner table in his family’s restaurant, looking to piece together why people ate there.

This appetite to understand customers kick-started his journey in market research.

Ever since then, Tony testifies that the most rewarding feeling as a human being is being able to genuinely converse and break down the walls of people he barely knows. The second is being paid to do this.

As his grandma used to tell him – “Never shy away from hard work”. This sentiment continues to echo in his work with clients, helping him deliver data-driven insights that fuel growth in all facets of the business, across a variety of industries (entertainment, insurance, FMCG, higher education, telecommunications and not-for-profit).

  • Tony is a bona fide gamer. When he is not playing games, he enjoys watching other people play games.
  • Loves to inhale his food because it tastes better than eating at a moderate pace… Will also finish your leftovers under the condition that your food is edible.
  • Underwent laser surgery but still wears ‘glasses’ to make him look older.


Specialty Quiz Topic: An intellectual lightweight across any topics