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Truths and Tensions of the Modern Age

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It’s a strange time for people and brands. The world around us is in rapid and perpetual flux. We’re witnessing paradoxes and polarisation wherever we look. Be it macro forces shaping and conflicting with intrinsic value systems and behaviours, or the sheer conflict between one's ideal and real self.

Nature's forthcoming study of this evolving landscape of tensions will delve into the potential challenges and opportunities it presents for brands. 

Should brands pick a side or is there space to play somewhere in the mainstream middle?
We're diving into five Truths and Tensions of the Modern Age
  1. We are health and wellbeing obsessed yet unhealthier than ever
  2. We care about sustainability yet the intention-action gap widens
  3. We’re more connected than ever yet lonely
  4. We’re busier than ever yet bored
  5. We’re rebellious and individualistic yet regressive and conformist

We'll be exploring the cultural forces shaping the unspoken truths and tensions we experience and share an informed and evidenced-based perspective on what they mean for brands.

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