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Our client was looking to grow market share and more strategically invest their time, effort and resources.

At the time, competition in the market was unyielding, and the client lacked an understanding of where to focus their efforts to achieve their goal of being in the #1 position for convenience.

As such, they were looking to identify which areas of price and quality had the greatest influence on consumer value perceptions so they could efficiently effect change through the introduction of in-store initiatives.

The Approach

To determine the influencers of value in convenience overall, and for key categories, Nature conducted a large-scale quantitative survey.  A Customer Value Analysis framework that took into account the nuances of each of the categories was used, with regression analysis providing the relative influence of price and quality on customer perceptions of value, and of the tangible levers within price and quality.

The Result

The outcome of the research was a clear story-led report that provided clarity on the price and quality levers to pull to drive value in the convenience category overall, and within specific categories.