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Who we are

In 17 years, Nature has become a fantastic business operating across Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand - a testament to the ability of our people and the faith our clients have in us.
We’ve grown in revenue, client base and headcount - but much more importantly, we’ve evolved our already strong culture into something even more special and potent than it has ever been before. We’ve never aspired to be merely a great business; instead we’re determined to be a great brand. This means more than being a big agency with an impressive balance sheet; it’s about reputation.
It’s about being known for the right things, like having the most supportive environment to foster the talent that will lead our industry into the future or by being trusted by clients to bring real, reliable advice to drive their business forward.
It is in our Nature to care about people.

This is a phrase that applies to everything we do as a business and a brand. It extends from the way we approach solving problems for our clients to the way we approach the development of our own people and workplace culture.

As a business and a brand, people are at the heart of everything we do – from the people who work with us to the people we work for, and the people we aim to understand.

We follow through on that by implementing market-leading policies to provide the best opportunities for our people to learn, grow and thrive. We ensure our people do their bit to give back to others, share knowledge and respect our leadership position in the industry. And we maintain our start-up values in working with every client as though they’re our first, never bringing a cookie-cutter approach to the table.

The magic of Nature lies in our ability to scale our business by staying true to those start-up values, from one employee in 2006 to a team of 50 working flexibly across Melbourne, Sydney and NZ today. Start-up values matter because they allow people to feel like people. We are determined to give our team personal ownership of our purpose and vision. Rather than feeling like cogs in a machine, we encourage our people to think critically and voice ideas freely – as individuals with real value to contribute to our end product. It is critical to evolving a way of working with clients and data that revolves around one thing: being human. We ensure that everyone at Nature understands that problems can be solved by putting people – not consumers – first.

Similarly, we don’t approach clients with cookie-cutter solutions, but ensure we understand how they operate as people: who they are, the pressures they’re under, what keeps them up at night, how their business operates, and how we can best integrate our work to have maximum impact. This people-first approach fuels our client success, the quality of our work, and how we propel the industry forward.