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Our client has enjoyed an enviable position over the past two decades, growing from a simple start-up to a leading global digital player with strong brand equity, exceptional shareholder returns and incredible agility to investigate new ventures.

However, owing to low cost of entry in the digital space, a competitor launch posed a threat to our client’s brand.

While this challenger-brand lacked the emotional connection that our client’s brand had with the target audience, it delivered the right outcomes and had the potential to steal market share. As such, our client wished to understand whether launching a second brand to market could help protect market share.

The Approach

We first began tracking our client’s new brand within a test market, where we custom designed a research program to measure the effectiveness of an ATL launch campaign and understand initial brand positioning among a specific target audience for the new brand. This was then complemented by the expansion of a national tracking program amongst a broader audience. These two programs in tandem provided the client with rich insights into the launch success of the new brand, and gave the client confidence in the strategy.

The Result

We were able to work closely with our client to understand the new brand’s positioning, impact on competitors and potential cannibalisation. Off the back of this research our client’s two-brand strategy has now been realised and has been incredibly successful to date. The competitive threat has been well defended against, and the business now has two, differentially positioned brands in market. The core tracking program continues to now track these two brands and guide the client’s decision-making.