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In recent years, cinema attendance has been on the decline in Australia.

As digital platforms have risen in both range and affordability, it has been increasingly challenging for those in the cinema industry to compete.

Our client sought to understand what drives consumers to see a particular movie at the cinema in order to tailor communications for upcoming movie releases to maximise potential for converting cinema attendance.

The Approach

Nature conducted an occasion-based study with over 2,000 Australians. We explored movies they had seen in the last 12 months, deep diving into motivations and behaviours in order to understand cinema attendance drivers by movie type, and type of consumer, including consumer segments that had been identified in a recent segmentations study.

The Result

With data on more than 150 movies and 4,000 cinema occasions, we were able deliver insights to inform media planning and communications development to engage key audiences, leveraging knowledge of key drivers to motivate consumers to see specific movies at the cinema. Drawing on the wealth of historic data, a movie profiling tool was also developed that was able to take characteristics of an upcoming movie and profile potential cinema audiences and their drivers.