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Our client’s marketing team was challenged to broaden its category strategy with a shopper lens.

The client wished to better understand the local market and ‘bring shopper missions to life’ for the business more broadly.

There was also a desire to understand how this would align with a global shopper missions framework.

The Approach

Key considerations when designing our approach were the limitations of pre-recruit and post-visit interview methodologies, where forcing respondents to visit a retailer to make a purchase may influence their natural behaviour, and explicit reflection may not glean true insights. We therefore proposed a self-led video interview methodology whereby shoppers were asked to complete videos on their mobile before, during and following their next visit to a retailer.

The Result

Our deliverables included a PowerPoint summary of each mission including implications of how best to activate within these. We also provided video compilations for each mission that brought them to life with key insights and proof points. This research is currently used in portfolio and brand planning to help the client and its marketing agencies better understand how current and potential customers make shopping decisions.