Office Supplies

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Office Supplies

To arrest declining share in a shrinking category, our client was looking to reinvigorate its offering through improvements to its core product and brand positioning.

Off the back of investment in product innovation, the client sought to understand whether there was a noticeable difference between the current and new products, and to validate that there was equity in the new brand positioning.

The research needed to inform which product to take to market that would best support the brand’s new positioning, thus enabling it to regain market share and demand a price premium.

The Approach

A three-phase approach was employed to answer the client’s questions. The first phase was a pre-trial online survey to test brand positioning. An in-home/office product trial, utilising a split cell approach was then undertaken. Finally, a post-trial online survey with participants from the product trial was undertaken to capture feedback on product quality and purchase intent.

The Result

The split cell design enabled us to make a product recommendation that was based off a true reflection of reality, whilst allowing us to measure the impact of the brand proposition on perceptions of product quality. Stated purchase intent and price expectation, combined with an analysis of current sales data and the strategic brand strategy, was used to develop an optimal pricing strategy to accompany the new product launch.