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Simplot is one of the biggest suppliers to the Supermarket Retailers in Australia, operating in 14 categories in the freezer, chiller and shelf. Almost every household has one of Simplot’s products in it.

Simplot’s challenge was that it had a one dimensional view of its consumer base, and this was limiting growth. It was only looking at consumers by demographics and life stage. While this helps with things like “pack size” changes for larger or smaller households, or child-specific products, Simplot also needed something that helped it deeply understand the consumer dynamics in relation to food in general.

It required a segmentation solution that not only gave a new lens on the consumer but more importantly had impact and longevity. This needed:

  1. To be practical and deliver a workable solution for the marketing teams;
  2. To complement existing resources and tools, so be embedded in Nielsen, Media Buying Tool and Research Recruitment & Analysis;
  3. To be future facing, and not only capturing existing categories, but also prospective categories; and
  4. To recognise and work within existing business structures.

Our Approach

After an expansive upfront qualitative phase, we conducted a detailed online survey of n=2,000 consumers, covering aspects of approach and attitudes towards shopping and cooking for the household. Using the resulting data we developed a segmentation that worked across food and food preparation in total, that sat above our client’s key categories, such that it could be used by the entire business.

We linked the segmentation with Homescan, modelled a proxy version of it into Roy Morgan and tagged it into Simplot’s online community – so it could be embedded across the business. Along with our qualitative partner, the Lab, consumer videos were developed and vidual materials were posted around the business and across the company intranet. The segmentation was then formally launched across the business, and championed internally by the client.


The Result

For this project $200,000 was invested by our client. At the time it was a big investment. Currently the Segmentation is helping to deliver over $30mil per annum – a fantastic result. It has also passed the longevity test, as it is still going strong after more than 5 years of usage in the business to date.