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Arpita Salagare

Senior Associate Director

Arpita is on parental leave until early 2025.

Arpita first gravitated towards research early in her career in Singapore, and eventually moved to the land down under to continue to pursue her passion for insights in a new market. Now 6 years into research, Arpita has done extensive work in the region – both in Asia-Pacific and Australia/New Zealand.

Having lived in 3 countries and studied Marketing and Psychology, Arpita’s experience in understanding how consumer behaviour connects to brand strategy is extensive and far-reaching.

After starting her career mostly in communications and advertising testing, her experience now also spans U&A, concept testing, and (her favourite) segmentation. She enjoys bringing consumer insights to life and making them tangible to businesses through story-led reports and has polished these skills across a range of industries including FMCG, retail, services, and finance.

  • On weekends, she can be found at the dog park (note: she does not have a dog)
  • Loves yoga and hip-hop music – often does both at the same time!
  • Her hobbies include trying new restaurants and asking her friends to rate their meals on 0-10
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: Occasionally surprising everyone with a correct answer!