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Darren Charles

Associate Director

Darren is a marketing data science professional with almost a decade worth of experience unlocking commercially impactful insights from complex data, and approaches ‘real-world’ client problems with an innovative and pragmatic mindset.

An advocate of data storytelling, he enjoys bringing data insights to life by creating engaging interactive visuals to help empower clients and stakeholders to convert insights into action.

His advanced analytic toolkit – including multivariate statistical methods and contemporary machine learning techniques – enables him to fully take advantage of the opportunities hidden in client data to shed light on black box models, so clients clearly understand the internal workings of analytical approaches.

Prior to joining the team at Nature, Darren was a client manager at Kantar in the Analytics Practice where he gained valuable experience in the domains of brand and customer analytics as well as total marketing ROI.

  • Darren is a fantasy sports enthusiast, especially NBA fantasy where he loves to scout players watching games on ESPN.
  • He is a keen hooper, but his days of performing 360 tomahawk jams are sadly behind him.
  • Speciality Quiz Topic: Movies starring Keanu Reeves.