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Ingrid Schluter

Associate Director

Having spent more than a decade specialising in quantitative market research, Ingrid has a wealth of experience to draw on across almost all industries and methodologies.

It’s combining this experience with relentless perfectionism, persistent determination and endless curiosity that ensures every project she works on is firmly centred toward the business objectives to deliver clear, tangible and actionable insights.

Curious and with a love of variety, Ingrid is a generalist at heart, specialising in bespoke and carefully crafted ad hoc research.

  • Ingrid is an identical twin which can create hilarious confusion when her sister visits
  • As mum to a busy toddler and young dog, Ingrid is well versed in juggling multiple priorities!
  • An avid traveller and detailed planner, Ingrid is loud & proud of her geeky travel spreadsheets
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: The first five questions (aka the beginner questions!)