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Karthik Krishnamurthy


Karthik’s interest in research was piqued by a guest lecture at Melbourne University, inspiring him to delve further into understanding the nuances of human behaviour and what makes consumers tick.

With a background in Marketing and Engineering, Karthik is passionate about delivering strategic and impactful insights by leveraging data. He is a critical thinker, with 4 years of experience in end-to-end Product Management and Business Development. He takes great pride in going the extra mile to get things done and is fascinated by everything new.

Prior to joining Nature, Karthik worked across a diverse set of industries, including Retail, Automobile, Energy, Aviation, Innovative materials and Digital Health. He is passionate about creating a positive social impact in a dynamic business landscape.

  • Always up for a live music show, Karthik’s biggest regret is not watching Linkin Park live
  • Finds cooking therapeutic and loves to recreate 6 hour long recipes passed down from his Indian grandmother
  • An avid lover of brewing and mixology, Karthik loves to experiment with new cocktails and Kombucha flavours and test them out on his mates

Specialty quiz topic: 70’s Rock, 90’s Metal, Star wars and Cocktails