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Nick Tucker


Nick’s initial passion for Marketing was triggered when, during an undergrad uni class, he imagined how the 4 Ps could be applied to the band he was playing in. It led to worse songs, less money and some truly terrible posters.

Inspired by this failure, Nick discovered that there was a way to understand your market before you make poor business decisions. And hence his love for market research began.

Over the next 15 years, Nick built expertise in technology clients, digital marketing and innovation. His research skills span brand strategy, media effectiveness, CX and product development and he has a passion for getting to the heart of his clients’ business challenges.

Nick’s research career actually began in Vietnam and Cambodia, but he joined Nature after returning to his hometown of Melbourne from a six year stint in New York City.


  • Despite having a lot to say at work, Nick’s two kids rarely let him get a word in at home
  • Those same kids are now starting to beat Nick at video games, which he is struggling to comes to terms with
  • Nick’s love for 90s rock has shown no signs of waning, 30 years on


Speciality Quiz Topic: Consumer technology