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Perri Moustoukis


Perri’s interest in research started at university, where she studied Marketing & Politics with electives in cultural studies and international relations. Perri’s fascination with market research stems from her interest in human behaviour, and specifically consumer behaviour – founded through years of hands-on experience in her family’s small business. Since joining Nature, Perri has broadened and strengthened her analytical and research skills to help deliver actionable insights for clients.

Perri is always excited to learn more – whether it be a new category, the latest innovation, a niche insight or gaining experience across various methodologies and categories whilst delivering clearly presented insights for the client.

  • From the South Coast originally, Perri is often found finding serenity at the local beach with a book in hand, spontaneously baking late at night (specialty: Banana Bread) or walking around with a coffee in hand.
  • Once considered a fanatic, she loves attending local sporting matches – with a strong passion for her NRL & AFL teams (Sydney Roosters & Sydney Swans).
  • While at home, she’s often catching up on the countless doco’s, reality TV dramas and soap operas saved to her ‘Watch List’ or playing video games (specialty: Rocket League).

Specialty Quiz Topic: Banana Bread, Rocket League, Sydney Roosters/Swans