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Peter Stuchbery

Senior Partner

Peter has been working in research and finance roles for 15 years and is known by our clients as having the rare trait of possessing a strong understanding of business issues coupled with outstanding conceptual and technical analytic skills.

A natural problem solver, he has a unique ability to create clarity out of complexity.

Prior to Nature, Peter headed up the Customer Analytics department at Roy Morgan Research, before which he was an Actuary for Mercer in Superannuation (specialising in Actuarial Studies & Finance at University).

Peter is a regular speaker at AMSRS Professional Development Programs, and regularly publishes articles for research and marketing publications, sitting on the editorial committee for Research News.

  • To call Pete an over-achiever is an understatement – from being the leader of the school band, to a talented sportsman, maths genius and supreme baker 
  • Equally comfortable at KFC as Vue de Monde
  • A disgruntled Demons supporter, who lets off steam reliving his youth on a Nintendo once the kids are asleep
  • Often found walking about the office shoeless, with a pen behind the ear, muttering to himself

Specialty Quiz Topic: Australian history between 1800-1900; early 1990s films; early 1990s music; Uranus and its many moons