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Rae Leticia

Design Specialist

Rae’s background is rooted in the visual field, having begun with a Bachelor’s degree in Design accompanied by a minor in Advertising.

Her interests span not only the illustrative and graphic aspects of design, but also its practical uses – whether through the effective communication of data, or in environmental wayfinding signs.

Through her time at university, Rae found herself diving into the world of market research, where she put her design skills to use across a wide variety of projects for clients in different sectors. She brings her 2.5 years of agency-side in-house design experience to the table, finding ways to allow data and statistics to sing out to clients in new and fresh ways.

  • Owns a vast collection of art materials and tools, yet leaves them to collect dust in favour of drawing digital pieces…
  • Often finds herself relaxing at home on the weekends and getting much of her social activity done in form of a group call with friends; usually over an MMORPG, MOBA, or game of D&D
  • Has a (rapidly) growing interest in theatre and the musical scene: some favourites include Hamilton, Heathers, and Beetlejuice
  • Finds most gym exercises boring, but will jump at the chance to play volleyball or soccer


Specialty quiz topic: Incredibly surface-level knowledge of pop culture topics, and the occasional deep dive into specific niches – generally around animals and games