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Ruhi Patil


Ruhi’s journey into the Analytics domain started after completing her Master’s in Science with a specialisation in Statistics. She has a proven track record of success in the analytics field, with substantial experience in processing data, building databases, and quality-checking data.

Her inquisitive nature and natural curiosity help her uncover valuable insights from data.

Before joining Nature, Ruhi honed her skills at Kantar where she worked in the analytics team and delivered databases of FMCG products on a global platform. Her hard work and dedication to her craft were recognized by the company and she was rewarded for her innovative use of data analytics techniques. She also holds another Master’s degree in Business Analytics.

  • The lockdown period during the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed Ruhi to explore her creative side. She discovered a love for doodling and painting, which has allowed her to unleash her inner artist.
  • Her innate curiosity and desire to learn new things have also led her to explore the world of DIY, and she has since developed a strong passion for it.

Specialty quiz topic: Bollywood music, Cricket