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Serena Zhang

Assistant Accountant

Serena moved to Melbourne after completing a Bachelor of Accounting at the University of Tasmania.

Prior to joining Nature, she spent over 4 years working in an accounting team to support business cash flow and profitability by analysing expenses, reducing bad debts, and negotiating a better deal on payment terms.

She is a member of CPA Australia, and still studying to achieve CPA qualification.

  • Loves all kinds of foods from all different nationalities and cultures, especially Italian, Thai and Chinese. However, her family is always on the alert when she cooks at home given she has nearly blown up the kitchen several times.
  • Outside of work, you will find her with headphones on and playing video games at home or catching up with friends over brunch or coffee.
  • A tiny poodle and a talkative parrot keep her house busy and sometimes chaotic, but never dull.

Serena is currently on parental leave, returning August 2024.