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Shawn Christensen


Following his degree in economics and strategy at the University of Waikato, Shawn landed in the world of market research and has been here ever since. He's a naturally curious and creative person and is stoked that he gets to put the two together to solve meaningful problems that organisations face.

He's worked on projects for a variety of commercial and public organisations in his career to date, conducting research such as brand and comms tracking, NPD, segmentations and more. Storytelling is at the heart of why he enjoys research, and he believes it's important to pull together as many data points as possible to tell the full story. He also loves creating impactful visual outputs and is always trying to find new approaches to this.

Prior to joining Nature, Shawn worked as a Consultant at an insights agency called TRA in Auckland, New Zealand. He crossed the ditch to Melbourne in May '23, after spending 6 weeks backpacking around Europe.

  • In his spare time Shawn loves to do art, specifically digital painting
  • He's an avid mixed-martial arts fan and most Sundays you'll find him parked up on the couch watching the UFC
  • He also enjoys working out, spending time outdoors and cooking up a good feed
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: Anything UFC related (from the last decade or so anyway). Impressively terrible at most other topics