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Si Hunt

Senior Consultant

Following a degree in Psychology from the University of Manchester, Si fell straight into market research and never left. With psychology as a backbone, and an aptitude for tricking his friends, he is inherently interested in how people can be influenced through various techniques and mediums.

His career to date has seen him delivering wide scale multi market research as well as analysing data in creative ways to recommend different brand strategies. From working across a range of industries, he can give actionable and strategic recommendations in a fast-paced environment with challenging deadlines. Behind everything, however, is a desire to tell the story behind the data in a creative way.

Prior to joining Nature, Si was an Associate Director at a tech start-up in London called Streetbees, focussing on both brand strategy within his own projects, and data strategy for the wider company.

  • Si is a keen follower of sports in the UK and is looking to apply that same motivation to sports in Australia
  • He loves going to music festivals and has managed to attend Glastonbury 3 times (and counting)
  • He also loves a book club and still attends his bi-monthly sessions with the one he set up in the UK with his friends


Speciality Quiz Topic: Capital cities and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series