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Amber Pope

Director, Finance & Business

Amber joined Nature as Office Manager way back in 2010, when the business comprised just 6 people, gaining a solid grounding in business operations in that role. As the business has grown over the years, her role has morphed with it, and she now oversees the finance and essential business admin functions at Nature.

After spending 9 years in Nature’s Melbourne office and 17 years away from her home town of Auckland, Amber headed back home to NZ, where she now works from Nature’s ‘satellite office’. As the go-to person for everything from finance, to contracts, to obscure queries about punctuation, Amber remains dedicated to supporting the team and focused on contributing to the ongoing success of the business.

  • Owner of 4 naughty Wyandotte chickens: Mabel, Calliope, Calpurnia and Persephone
  • 100% not a natural redhead
  • Though she misses the Melbourne office banter, she really appreciates being able to belt out a showtune when the mood takes her, without anyone hearing
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: Classic literature, Broadway musicals, and serial killers