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Anna Perera-Shaw

Senior Consultant

Anna's passion for research and impact has been consistent throughout her academic and professional journey, starting with her social science degree with a major in Indigenous studies, and being reinforced more recently with the completion of a postgraduate certificate in social impact.

With over seven years of experience, Anna brings expertise from her time at RFI Global where she steered syndicated research programs and presented tailored insights to clients including major banks, non-banks, mutual banks and car manufacturers. While Anna thrives on projects specialising in financial services, she strives to deliver actionable insights to clients within any industry or sector to help guide business strategy and improve customer outcomes.

  • Favourite food is margherita pizza and would happily eat this every week
  • Big fan of Stephen King books and likes to collect second hand paperback copies, despite mostly listening to the audiobook versions
  • Top three favourite birds are sulphur crested cockatoos, galahs, and king parrots. Despite the love of (specific, not all) birds, does not know as much bird trivia as people tend to assume
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: Prefers to host (it's fun having the answers) and is constantly amazed with the facts people know. Could potentially contribute TV and film trivia...