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Emma Tommasini


Emma began her career in professional services, specialising in customer experience and retention. She has a unique ability to draw together primary and secondary data to elevate the standard ‘tracker’ and ensure it is used by clients as a powerful strategic tool.

She couples this with tactical research, particularly in FMCG. A seasoned researcher in pack refreshes and concept testing, Emma draws on years of experience when interpreting results as well as her broader knowledge of the category and emerging trends.

With every project, Emma brings not only her unwavering commitment to quality but her creative flair and eye for detail, visualising data in compelling ways to ensure findings are delivered with impact.

  • Emma is competitive by nature and can literally turn anything into a competition
  • A survivor super fan, Emma has seen every season since the shows inception in 2000 – it combines her love of games, analysing human behaviour and of course, competition
  • Combining her love of cooking and creativity, Emma is currently developing a plant-based food blog
  • Specialty Quiz Topic: She has a superhuman memory for random facts about other people’s lives, but don’t expect this memory to translate to any general knowledge topics for the quiz