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Justin Connally


Justin started out in academic research almost 20 years ago before realising that commercial market research was more his pace. But he did manage to pick up a PhD along the way.

He has worked for some of the world’s leading brands, undertaking innovation, brand and CX research across more than 20 countries.

Justin’s passion lies in helping his clients, big and small, commercial and social, achieve the best possible outcomes, through designing and executing bulletproof research.

In his role at Nature, Justin’s focus extends to building capability, driving innovation and supporting the broader team to deliver brilliant work.

  • Equally at home with a VB or a bottle of Grange
  • Doesn’t work Victorian Oaks Day; pretends to work the rest of Cup week
  • Will be subjecting his kids to decades of misery as Carlton supporters

Specialty Quiz Topic: 80s music, regional Australian landmarks