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Jyron Calleja


Jyron developed an interest in the research space with an innate curiosity in understanding the ‘Why?’, particularly with the people around him and now in a broader socio-economic context. He now looks towards patterns in consumer behaviour and how that tells the story into the ‘why?’.

He has fostered a quantitative background working in the market research industry with experience in Public Relations (PR) research. Jyron says the interest is rapidly turning into a passion and continues to grow stronger as he dives deeper into turning the complex into simple, actionable insights.

  • Jack of all trades but a master of none, Jyron seems to pick up a new hobby each week. This is on top of the various sporting activities he manages to keep up on a regular basis.
  • Jyron shocked the modelling world at the age of 5 – he says his good looks may have paused since then (but is sure his height definitely has)
  • Jyron very rarely says ‘no’ to trying something new


Specialty Quiz Topic: Sport