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Nicole Hoffmann

Senior Consultant

Nicole believes in the power of “less is more", specialising in creating visually engaging content that distils complex ideas into easily understandable insights. With a focus on collaboration and simplicity, she aims to ensure that every project delivers impactful results for clients across diverse backgrounds.

Nicole has a Bachelor's degree in Business with majors in marketing and management, where her passion for market research was ignited. With experience ranging from community research with Local and State Governments to agency work, Nicole has honed her skills in research methodologies, client collaboration, and project management. Her favourite projects include FMCG, trend research (especially Gen Z), and segmentations, allowing her to leverage her expertise across diverse client needs.

  • Globe explorer - travel is always on the cards and going somewhere new is a MUST
  • Dog mother - to a golden retriever named Beau
  • Want to be chef - loves the challenge of cooking or baking something she has never made
  • Margarita enthusiast - preferably spicy


Speciality Quiz Topic: Tik Tok, Gen Z, true crime